5.23 Usage Activity using UI

The usage activity can entered using the UI as well. 

  • Navigate to System >> Usage Activity
  • Click on Add Usage Records.

Fig 16.0 shows the add usage records button in the UI

  • Enter the Customer and Order details and the system will generate the charges in the next invoice.
    Once a Customer is selected, eligible orders with [Usage Based Charges] will be automatically selected. For each record, the fields in the top row are required, while the system will use defaults for the lower row if left blank.
  • Note that only the customer for whom the Usage Activity charges are configured during the Plans & Charges creation will appear in the drop down menu against each customer. Hence configuring it right is very important. 
Fig 16.1 shows how to add the usage manually.

  • After entering all your usages, please hit SAVE. 
  • When the charges are entered properly, the usage appear as below 

Fig 16.2 shows the usage activity details 

  • As you can see the charges have appeared as below. 
  • These charges can also be deleted if you feel something does not look right.