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2.5 Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments can be applied to a customer if ‘Autopay’ is enabled to an Order and the plan applied to an Order is a recurring plan.

  1. During the creation of an Order, please make sure that “Enable auto-pay” is enabled

Fig 10.1 shows how to Enable auto-pay

2.  Make sure that the customer profile has the Credit Card information saved against their profile.

3. The Payment Options section on the Customer Details page is where you can set up the payment methods for the customer. In this section you can add payment methods under "1st preference", "2nd preference", "3rd preference".

4. The payment methods will be used in the preference order listed here. The payment option will be used for the customer's charges if the "Automatic Payments" option is enabled. If the amount cannot be deducted from the 1st preference payment method, the second payment method will be used and so on.

  • Go to the "Payment Options" section on the Customer Details page and click “Add a Payment Method” link. The Payment options section is shown. If payment methods have already been added, an "Replace" will be displayed for each preferred option. Otherwise an "Add" link will be displayed. Click on the "Add" or "Replace" link for each preferred option. You can also “Delete” a payment method if its applicable to you.

Fig 10.2 shows how to edit Payment Options

  • The Add/Replace/Delete Payment Option page will be displayed. Add or Edit the payment information and click on the "Create" or "Replace" button to save payment method information.