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2.4 Customer Groups

The customer groups is used to group a set of customers that fall under similar categories. You can organize your customers into groups. A customer can be added to multiple groups.

  • Login to your portal as an Admin.

  • On the navigation bar scroll over Customers>> Customer Groups

Fig 10.1 shows the Navigation for Customer Groups

  • Click on “Create New Group”

  • Enter a name for your group

  • Enter a description for your group

Fig 10.2 shows the details of the form customer group

  • Select the Customers that are needed to be grouped from the list under “Customers” as below

Fig 10.3 shows how to select the customers for your customer group

  • Click “Save”

  • Your Customer Group is now created

  • You can create multiple Customer Groups in the system with different Customer Group names.

  • A customer can be part of more than one Customer Group as well.