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8. Payments

Payments can be made against all the invoices generated from the system. There are many different modes of payments that can be done which includes Cash, Check, Online Payment (Credit/Debit card), ACH payments..etc

Quick guide on how to make and accept payments

  • After you create an invoice you can accept payments from the system in many different ways.

  • On clicking Make a Payment the admin can accept Payments

Fig 6.1 shows the location of Make a Payment button

  • If the Credit card is on file, the system will deduct payment from the card.

  • You can have upto 3 cards on file and the system will ask you as to which card you would want to use for the payment.

Fig 6.2 shows different payment methods that can be used to accept a payment

  • The admins can accept Check/Cash payments from theirs customers by choosing New Payment Method.

Fig 6.3 shows New Payment Method that cna be used for accepting payments

  • On choosing the appropriate payment method, the system will show you the applicable fields to be filled.
  • On clicking Submit, the applicable payments can be recorded in the system.

  • You can also make payments by using the Quick Pay link within the invoice

Fig 6.4 shows how to make a payment from within the invoice

  • This is configuration driven feature and can be enabled by checking the Enable Quick Pay Link option in System>>Invoice Templates

  • The Invoice Templates can be changed by going to System>>Invoice Templates where the Web view and the .pdf templates can be changed.

  • The end users can store their Credit Card Information in their profiles.

Fig 6.5 shows how to add different payment methods on a customer profile

  • As you can see, the end users can store more than one payment method in the system.

  • When the end user has logged in and trying to make a payment the configured Payment gateway would open for them and the end user can make payments using Credit/Debit card, ACH payments..etc

  • Payments can be made Manually using offline mode of payments like Check, Cash..etc

  • If the Credit card info is stored in the system, the system can automatically accept payments provided the end user chosen a recurring plan (please refer doc on Plans and Charges)

  • You can also setup payment retries by navigating to System>>Configuration>>Payment Retries if the payment does not go through the first time based on number of days or months.

Exercise 5 – Accept a payment for an Invoice. [1 minute]