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4. Customer Notifications

Notifications are sent to your customers when business events (such as a new Invoice or Payment) occur. The messages for each 'Notification Type' can be customized by first selecting from the list. The system can send Email, SMS and IVR Notifications to the end user depending on the action performed by the end user.

Quick guide to enable Notifications

  • Login to the system as an Admin

  • The notifications need to be first configured in the system

  • These settings are usually configured by the BluSynergy Delivery team

  • Navigate to System>>Notifications>>Customer Notifications

Fig 7.1 shows the navigation to Customer Notifications

  • There different types of notifications which can be enabled in the system.

Fig 7.2 shows the notification types.

  • Choose the applicable notification and check Enable this Notification

Fig 7.3 shows how to Enable a Notification.

  • The content of the email can be changed very easily except for the values within the # ie. #customer.name#, #organization.orgName#..etc

Fig 7.4 shows the email template

  • You can notice that the notifications have variables such as #organization.orgName# , #customer.name#....etc

  • These variables can be found as below

Fig 7.5 shows how to access the variables in the notifications.

  • On clicking Source, you can access the HTML source code of the email body which will  help you change the look and feel of the body.

Fig 7.6 shows how to access the source code for the email template

Exercise 6 – Enable customer notifications and change the body of the email. [5-10 minutes]