9. Commissions


For organizations that need to track commissions, royalties and similar payables based on orders or invoices, BluSynergy’s systems can handle the capture, accrual, and (optionally) the disbursement of these payables.

9.1 Setup
1.1 Create Sales Agents/Affiliates : This will help you create sales agents and affliates in the system
1.2 Create Sales Agent Groups : This will enable you to group the sales agents you have created
1.3 Create Commission Plans (One Time & Recurring) : This will help you create various different types of commission plans 
1.4 Create Quota based commission : This will help you to enable quotas for your sales agents which will give them targets that they will have to meet in order to achieve the commission

9.2 Assign sales agents to Orders : This will help you to assign sales agents at the time of order creation

9.3 Assign sales agents to Customers : This will help you to assign sales agents to your customers.

9.4 Commission Reports : This will help you to extract various reports from the system

Typical use cases for BluSynergy’s commission management system:

  • Commissioned sales staff that needs to be compensated based on their commission plan.
  • Affiliates that drive revenue via the Internet
  • ISO (independent Sales Organizations) in the payment industry that are commissioned for add-on products that cannot be handled by their traditional payment processor.
  • Resellers and VARS (value added resellers)

BluSynergy has the flexibility to calculate  commissions based on either  the product or the sales agent

Organizations selling a mix of low and high margin products may have commissions defined for individual products or product families. 
When Commissions are based on the Product (Subscription Plan),Commissions are calculated on all Orders that are associated with the Product(Subscription Plan).
For example: Product X has a 10% commission associated with it. All Orders for Product X, that have invoices generated, will have a 10% commission calculated.

Commissions are associated with an Order when you have multiple Sales Agents selling the same Product or Subscription Plan. These Sales Agents may have varied contracted Commission rates. A Commission Plan would need to be created for each contracted rate. For Example: If you have 3 Sales Agents with different contracted Commission Rates of say, 5%, 7%,10%. A Commission Plan would need to be created for each of those rates.