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9.6 Commissions applied to Sales Agent

Commissions are associated with an order when you have multiple sales agents selling the same product or subscription plan. These sales agents may have varied contracted commission rates. A commission plan would need to be created for each contracted rate. For example: If you have 3 sales agents with different contracted commission rates of say, 5%, 7%,10%. A commission plan would need to be created for each of those rates.
In these scenarios, when a customer's order is created, the sales agent associated with the sale of that particular order is matched with the order. This ties the Invoices generated to the sales agent responsible for the sale and facilitates the calculation of commission.

  1. The first step would be to Create a Commission Plan.
  2. Once the commission plans are set up, we can associate the plan to an order.
  3. From the Edit Order page:
  4. Select the Plan that the customer has signed up for from the list.
  5. Click on the Show Sales Agent link. Select the Sales Agent and the commission plan.(Once Commission Plans are created as explained above, they are pre-populated in the drop down list). 
    • Commission Start Date - If the calculation of the commission is to begin on a date that is different from the Order Start date, enter it here.
    • For Example: In figure 4 below, the order start date is 12/2/2014 but the commission will start accumulating only after the commission start date, which is 1/1/2015, in this case.

Figure 4: associating the Commission Plan and sales Agent with the Order

    6. Save the Order.

    7. Once the commission plan for a product(Subscription Plan) is set up and the order is tied to the sales agent and commission plan, you are ready to generate commissions through a Manual Commission Run