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9.15 configure commission group

A sales agent can have a commission and commission plan assigned individually. If we need to run same commission for multiple sales agents, we need to create  a group and run a commission on that Group without selecting sales agent. 

   Select Commission >> Sales agent group
fig 1: Commission >> Sales agent group
Click on "Create new Sales Agent Group" to create.
Fig 2: Create new Sales Agent Group

Enter All required details to create one and SAVE it. 
Fig 3: Create new sales agent group screen.

Adding a sales agent to commission group

While creating a new or Select one and EDIT sales agent will show below screen where you can add this agent to commission group.
fig 4: Add sales agent group to a sales agent.

Once you select sales Agent group, this agent will be added to that group and all commission plans and commission runs will be applied to this agent.