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9.13 Create Sales Agent Groups

Sales Agent Groups are recommended when you have one single Commission Plan that applies to a number of Sales Agents. For example, your organization might have a Gold Commission Plan that applies to Sales Agents A, B & C and another Commission Plan say Silver Plan that applies to Sales Agents X, Y and Z. This would be an ideal situation to utilize the Sales Agent groups. Agents AB&C would be in Gold Group and Agents X,Y and Z would be in the Silver Group.

  1. Navigate to Commissions >> Sales Agent Groups

Figure 1 shows the navigation to sales agent groups

    2. Click on "Create New Biller Group"

Figure 2 shows how to create a new biller group

    3. Enter the Group Name, Enter a unique Group Code and mention some notes if needed

Figure 3 shows the fields required to create a sales agent group

    4. This will create a new Sales Agent group.