1.24 Overdue Notifications

Configure the messages received by the customer when they have outstanding invoices beyond the due-date

  • Login to your portal as an Admin.

  • Navigate to [System >> Notifications >> Overdue Notifications]

Fig 11.1 shows the Overdue Notifications setup in the system

  • The Overdue Notifications can be enabled by clicking on ‘Enabled’ column and enable the notification.

Fig 11.2 shows how to enable the Overdue Notifications

  • Enable the notification by clicking on Enabled and Days Late will help you define how many days after the Invoice Due Date must the Overdue Notifications be sent. For eg, here 7 denotes that the notification can be sent 7 days after the Invoice Due Date.

  • Click on “Update” to save your notification

  • To get change the text of the notification or introduce a new text, please click on “Overdue with 2 days” link

Fig 11.3 shows how to enable the Email Notifications for Overdue Notifications

  • On click, it will take you to a different form where you can Enter the subject of your choosing and the email notification content.

  • These notification can be sent based on the Customer Groups as well. Fore more details on Customer Groups, click here

Fig 11.5 shows how to add a Customer group to the Overdue Notification group

  • Now you can follow the same steps as above and create a seperate Overdue Notification for the customers belonging to the customer group BOFA

  • These notifications can be unique in terms of content and also the days on which they are sent.

  • If the same customer needs more than 3 Overdue notifications, they can be added to different customer groups and notifications can be sent accordingly.

  • The customers can be grouped from the customer profile as well

  • Goto any customer profile and make sure you are on the Summary tab

  • Click ‘Edit’

Fig 11.6 shows how to add a Customer group from the customer profile

  • Click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’

Fig 11.7 shows the Show Advanced Settings link

  • After clicking on the above, the page will expand and shows you the option to add this customer to a customer group as shown in the below fig.

Fig 11.8 shows the Customer Groups within the customer profile