This section covers the installation, configuration, and use of the BluSynergy CRM connector. This connector provides critical sales and financial level visibility into each “Account”.  With the click of a button your sales staff can be armed with up-to-the-minute order, billing and payment information within the familiar confines of the Salesforce CRM application.

Standard features available with the Salesforce connector include:
  • View billing and ageing information for the account, including downloadable PDFs
  • View invoice and payment history for the account.
  • Remit payments via credit card or eCheck (ACH). This is especially useful for CSRs engaged in outbound call activity.
  • Update billing contact information
  • Add/update a credit card or eCheck information on file for automatic payments.
  • Order cancellation

Extended features usually provided as part of a customized service include:
  • Order management including new order entry, upgrades, downgrades.
  • Reporting within Salesforce
  • Commission management for sales staff and/or affiliates

The extended features tend to vary appreciably between BluSynergy’s clients and are usually best served with a customized implementation.

See the following sections for more information
  1. Salesforce CRM connector installation and configuration
  2. Using the Salesforce connector - shows the operations available to Salesforce users
  3. Uninstalling the connector
If your organization also uses Salesforce "Communities" (part of the Salesforce Service Cloud offering) that permits your end customers (as opposed to just employees) to use the customer self-service functions, then you may wish to enable the BluSynergy Salesforce Communities/Self-Service functionality. Please note that you need to be licensed by BluSynergy for this product, additional monthly charges will apply.

Having problems? Please review this list of common issues.