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10.5 Shopping cart config

You can configure shopping cart from
  1. Go to System -> Customer Care -> Self-service settings.
  2. Click "Default" profile (or create preferred profile) and then click "Shopping Cart" tab. 

  1. Enable Shopping Cart in iFrame: This will allow you to host BluBilling cart items page inside an iframe. It will remove the branding from cart items, you have to add branding and navigation back to products page outside iframe
  2. Shopping Cart Stylesheet url: You can specify custom css url to customize shopping cart style
  3. Success URL: Once the the order was placed and payment succeeded, user will be redirected to the URL specified here with below parameters. 
     Param name Description
     customerName Customer's Name.
     accountNumber Customer's account number
     paymentAmount Amount paid for order (It will be 0 for free trial or postpaid orders)
     orders Order numbers list. Example: [1001]
     invoicesInvoice numbers list. Example: [2001]
     planCode Plan code of orders placed. Example [ANTI-VIRUS-MONTHLY]
     planName Plan name list. Example [Anti virus Monthly]
     verificationId This Id can be used if you want to verify Customer, Order, Invoice and payment details in XML. Check Verify Cart API for more details
    Example URL:[2152]&invoices=[2942]&planCode=[ANTI-VIRUS-MONTHLY]&planName=[Anti%20Virus%20Monthly]&verificationId=QzoxMjN8TzoyMTUyfEk6Mjk0MnxQOjE4ODE=
  4. Express Checkout: This option will work only for "Buy Now" buttons. If this option is "Enabled" then end user will be redirected to Login/Signup page when they click "Buy Now" button. Intermediate page to display cart items will be skipped.
  5. Username option: You can choose whether user should enter separate username or use email as username on Signup.
  6. Confirm Email: If enabled, confirm email field will be added in shopping cart signup.
  7. Address fields: Address fields in Signup page can be controlled by this setting.
  8. Payment process order: 
    • Process payment before Invoice: Payment will be processed before creating order. User have to enter payment details at signup. If payment is success then only order and invoice will be created and payment will be applied.
    • Process payment after Invoice: Order and Invoice will be generated first, then payment screen will be shown.
  9. Show/Hide profile after login: You can skip or show customer contact details after login with this option