10.22 Accept Payment after Invoice Generation

This option will first create the Order and the Invoice in the back end first and then accept the payment from your customer.

Let us first discuss the flow for accepting payment after invoice generation. 
  1. Navigate to System >> Customer Care >> Self Service Settings
  2. Click on the profile you have created.
  3. Click on the Shopping Cart tab

Fig 1 above shows the configuration settings for payment after invoice

On selecting this, the below behavior in your Shopping Cart module can be observed. 

The below flow is for a New User Signup

1. The user will get to see the Cart items and user registration in the same screen

Fig 2 shows what the end user will see for the signup flow

2. The user will now see the order processed page. At this point the Order and the Invoice is being generated. The user enter the payment information here

Fig 3 shows the order processed and payment information page for user signup flow

3. The user will now see the confirmation page upon which the payment will be accepted

Fig 4 shows the payment confirmation page 

The next flow is the one for an existing user who will login to the system

1. The login information is first seen where the user will be required to enter the username and password along with the items in the cart. 

Fig 5 shows the login screen with cart for the customer login flow

2. The customer will next see the order confirmation page

Fig 6 shows the order confirmation page

3. The customer will next see the payment page and click the Pay Now button

Fig 7 shows the confirmation page for the login flow where the customer will click on the pay now button

4. The customer will next see the payment confirmation page and the payment is received. The payment is now applied on the invoice

Fig 8 shows the payment confirmation page for the login flow