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Auto Recharge and Carry-Over Charges

The concept of "carrying over" unused entitlements is well understood in the cellular phone business (e.g., "500 minute plan with carry-over minutes) and the BluSynergy system gives you the same advanced capabilities to monetize your assets. This is best explained with an example.

A web hosting company wishes to perform metered billing for network bandwidth with the following criteria:
  • 100 GB/month of network bandwidth is included every month
  • Customers that use less that the included 100 GB may carry over any unused portion to the following month
  • Customers that exceed the 100 GB quota need to pay additional charges (tiered pricing based on overage)
  • On signup, 500 GB is included for the 1st month (and unused entitlements may be carried over)
The above billing model may be configured by using a Charge as seen below.

Auto-recharge and Entitlement billing