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Invoicing with Sales Tax

A. Invoice Formats
          In the Invoice is generated based on the “Tax Mode” set in the Tax configuration earlier.
               We have mainly two types in the Tax Modes :
                                1. Summary: shows summarized line items
                                2. Detailed: shows detailed line items

              Initially set the Invoice to a format having better view of line items (let’s use Full Details now) follow the steps:

    • Navigate to [System > Invoice Templates] from the menu bar, and click on it. It will take us to a page to set the Invoice format type. Here select Full Details PDF for a better view of Invoice.

      Fig A.2.1 Invoice Format selection
                      Fig A.2.1

             Let's generate the Invoice now in different Tax Modes.

    1. Set the Tax Mode to “Summary” in the Tax configuration

      Fig A.2.2
          Now let’s generate an Invoice for a Customer in BluSynergy product. To do this, follow the steps:

    • Navigate to [Home > Select a Customer]

      Fig A.2.3

    • Make a  New Order  and “Save” it

      Fig A.2.4
    • Generate Invoice

      Fig A.2.5

    • Invoice in Summary Mode

      Fig A.2.6

                 2.  Set the Tax Mode to “Detailed” in the Tax configuration


Fig A.2.7

         Now let’s generate an Invoice for a Customer in BluSynergy product. To do this, follow the steps:

    • Navigate to [Home > Select a Customer]

      Fig A.2.8

    • Make a  New Order  and “Save” it

      Fig A.2.9

    • Generate Invoice

      Fig A.2.10

    • Invoice in Detailed Mode

      Fig A.2.11

      Now we can see the generated Invoice updated in Avalara

      Fig A.2.12

B. Cancellation
The Invoice generated can be cancelled if required.
             To do this, in the Invoice page click on “Cancel Invoice” button on the left side column items


Fig B.2.1

This will be updated automatically in the Avalara System. It will change the Invoice status to “Voided”

Fig B.2.2
C. Discounts / Promotions
          Discounts can be applied to the Order/Invoice by selecting a “Promotion code” while creating an Order for a  Customer. Note that the Promotion is applied to the whole Order/Invoice (and not to a particular line item in the  Order/Invoice.)


Fig C.2.1

This Promotion code will give the Customer a discount of $10 as per set in the “Promotions” under “Plans” menu.
        We can see the discount in the Avalara system

Fig C.2.2

D. Review Mode and Approvals
         An Invoice can be Reviewed before making it Outstanding (Active / Approved), to do this, follow the steps:

    • Navigate to [System > Billing Configuration] click on it
    • Scroll down, we can find an option “Trial Billing runs”, check this option and click “Update”
Fig D.2.1

            This results in Invoices being generated in Draft state after a billing run, which may then be Approved later by  clicking on the “Approve This Invoice” button on the left column of Invoice. In Review Mode, the Tax Charges on the  Avalara side are not “committed” unless the Invoices are approved (either individually or for the whole billing run)


Fig D.2.2