BluSynergy supports Payeezy through Payeezy's REST API.

The following details should be obtained from Payeezy when signup for merchant account:
Obtaining TA Token:
  1. Please log into your Virtual Terminal (
  2. Navigate to Terminals tab and Select your terminal.
  3. As shown below, retrieve the transarmor token value. This is your ta_token parameter.
    • For SANDBOX (CERT) test merchant account, please set taToken=123.
    • For LIVE merchant account, capture TA token value as shown below.
Configuring Payeezy in BluSynergy:
  1. Go to System -> Configurations -> Payment Processor Configuration from your admin login
  2. Select Payeezy from list of Payment Processor available
  3. Enter Merchant Token , API KeyAPI Secret, in corresponding fields
  4. Under Advanced Options enter Production URL in Primary Url
  5. In Custom fields at end of page enter jsSecurityKey and taToken as shown below. (Note: jsSecurityKey and taToken are caseSensitive)