1. Initial Setup and Configuration


This explains required setup and configuration needed to get you going with BluSynergy

1. Setting up billing plans: Products, Plans and Charges constitute the “Product Catalog” and permit great flexibility in billing your customers.

2. Setting up emails and notifications: Notifications are sent to your customers when business events occur (such as a new Invoice or Payment). Customize the messages for each 'Notification Type' by first selecting from the list below.

3. Payment processor configuration: These settings relate to your Payment Processor (also known as Payment Gateway) and vary by each processor. Contact customer support with the details of your processor and merchant account for assistance.

4. Create staff logins: This section will help you add staff who you choose to use this system.

5. Organization setup: These settings are probably one of the most important settings as these details appear on the invoices you send out. Note that changing these settings will reflect on invoices, payment receipts, and customer communications.

6. Setup customer settings: Settings relating to your customers such as the logo and branding they see, what they can change themselves, and whether your customers are businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C)

7. Billing Configuration:

8. Other setups