Batch Payments

This enhancement to the BluBilling platform is a simple, convenient and secure way to enter a large number of payments received via checks or cash. This time saver of a screen allows you to bypass the tedious 2 step process of having to search for each customer and applying payments from their Account Summary page.

To access the Batch Payment screen:
From [Customers>>Batch Payment].
Enter payments individually or upload a file to enter larger volumes and select the Submit button to record payments entered.

Fig 1a Enter payments manually or Upload a file

Some Noteworthy features:

- If the check amount is greater or less than the amount due  on the invoice the system highlights the amount field drawing your attention to it.

- If the invoice number is not known, search by customer name/email/address in which case all outstanding invoices for that customer are populated.

-Running totals - especially useful when entering lock box transactions

-Indicates the status of the invoice - if paid, you get a "This Invoice is not outstanding" message, eliminating human error.

Fig 1b Manual data entry

Upload Payment data via file:

To upload large volumes of payment data, click on the "Upload Payments via file" link. See fig 1a. 

From the Batch Payments screen, click on Edit Column Mapping. The Column Mapping reflects the position of a particular column in your data upload file.

So for example in Fig 2a below. Cust id = 0, this means that you do not have a customer id field in your file.
Customer Account No = 1, this indicates to the system that Column 1 of your file has the Customer Account Number data.
First Name = 2, indicates that Column 2 in the upload file has First Name data.

Fig 2a.  Batch Payment screen.

Noteworthy points: 

-You can save the column mapping, if you would like the system to remember it, for the next time around.

- Mandatory fields are : Customer id OR Customer Account Number

                                   Institution - Name of Bank if Payment Type is Check

                                   Payment Type - Cash/Check

                                   Transaction Date - If Payment Type is Check

                                   Transaction id - Check number if Payment Type is Check

Choose file and Upload.