Customer Self-Service End User Guide

BluBilling Customer Self-Service Portal:

Empowering users with convenient control, the BluBilling Customer Self-Service Portal offers a user-friendly interface for account management. Users can effortlessly log in using their credentials to unlock a range of functionalities tailored to enhance their experience.

Logging into the Customer Self-Service Portal
Enter your login credentials to access the portal.

Forgot Username/Password  

Instructions on recovering forgotten login details.

Quick Pay  

Pay Invoice Without Logging In Easily make payments without a full login process.

Your Dashboard

Overview of your account, including invoices and payment status.

Make a Payment Without Saving Payment Method

Step-by-step guide for quick payments.

Make a Payment and Save the Payment Method

Save time by storing your payment method securely.

Save Your Payment Method for Automatic Payments (Without Payment)

Set up automatic payments for hassle-free transactions.

Credit Card Surcharges/Fees

Understanding additional charges associated with credit card payments.

Viewing Your Account History

Review your account activities and transactions.

Viewing Your Invoice

Access detailed information about your invoices.

Emailing or Printing Your Invoice

Options to share or print your invoice for your records.

Downloading Invoice Line Items Details in a Spreadsheet

Export invoice details to a spreadsheet for analysis.

Viewing Your Payment Details

Explore the specifics of your payments.

Emailing or Printing Your Payment Receipt

Obtain and archive your payment receipts.

Changing Your Username or Password

Step-by-step guide on updating login credentials.

Changing Your Billing Account Details

Modify your billing information as needed.

Payment Plan Details

Overview of your existing payment plans.