Service Cloud and Salesforce Communities

Enabling Salesforce Communities

        Salesforce Communities are the feature of Salesforce Service Cloud that enables your end customer (i.e., your Salesforce Contacts) to login to Salesforce so that they may view customer related information such as Cases, Ideas, etc. The BluSynergy Connector for Salesforce Communities enables your end customer to view their invoices and payments, and remit credit card or ACH payments through this channel.

        This guide outlines how to configure your Salesforce Community with specific focus on the BluSynergy aspects. An overview video of generic community setup is available here:

        Note: This feature is available for Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.

  Clone the Standard Profiles since you cannot edit them to include permissions for Custom Objects. In the examples below, we have chosen the “Customer Community Login User” and the “Customer Portal Manager Standard” as the two built-in Salesforce Profiles that we will use for granting Contacts access to the Community site.

 3. Successfully Created : To edit the details you can click on "Edit" button.

    4. Now edit the Community that was just created as seen in the figures below.

5. Click on the “Tabs & Pages” button and then add the Invoices and Payments (along with any other objects) that you would like your customers to have access to in the customer portal

6.  Then Click on the “Members” tab and add the desired Salesforce Profiles that will be allowed to access the customer portal. These are the custom profiles that you created in step 1 (“Configure Profiles”)

Note: Make sure you select “All” or “Portal” in the “Select Profiles” dropdown listbox


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