10.1 Overview

To successfully accomplish the integration of BluSynergy shopping cart module, you will need to have a web page where your customers can see all the products, embed the BluSynergy 'Add To Cart ', 'Buy Now ' buttons to your products and generate a customer checkout page. 

1. Add To Cart: This button will add the products to the cart and after adding all the products to be purchased in the cart click 'Mycart" to see your cart details and checkout page. For more details on 'Add to Cart', please click here

2. Buy Now: This button will directly take you to 'Mycart' to review your order and then continues to checkout page.  This could be commonly used when the customer doesn't need the 'add to cart' option for their purchases.

For example when a customer wants to buy a subscription plan, he/she wouldn't require multiple plans but just need to select a plan and make payment for it. For more details on 'BuyNow', please click here

3. Express Checkout:  The express check out  setting will help you directly go to the payment page when the customer adds all items to be bought to cart and hit checkout. Please click here to read more about express checkout.

1. Create a Web Page with all your products in it

We will need to embed the "Add to Cart" to the above 

2. After the Products are added to the Cart, the customer can view his Cart which will have the below

3. The customer will be asked if he/she is an Existing or a New User and enter the relevant details. 

4. When the customer Signs Up/Signs In, they will be redirected to a Checkout page so that these products can be purchased by the customers.