1a) Upgrade BluSynergy Package in Lightning

If the org is installed with older version of BluSynergy package and these steps will guide you on upgrading the package to the latest version.

1. Upgrade Package:

BluSynergy Salesforce Connector Version 2.27

After login your Salseforce org,  add above mentioned URL right next to force.com on your home page URL to install the package.


If your URL is https://yourDomain.lightning.force.com/lightning/page/home, use below URL to install package


Contact BluSynergy support to get the password to install the package.

Fig 1: Upgrade page.

fig 1a: Upgrade in progress.

fig 1b: upgrade Confirmation.

App upgradation may take a few minutes. Go to Setup -> Search for Installed Package and Refresh "Installed Packages" screen after sometime to check upgraded package version.