2. System Navigation

The Navigation bar of BluSynergy helps you to get around the system easily.

Fig 2.0 shows the BluSynergy navigation bar

The system shows how many new customer were added, payment received/declined, invoices raised and the plans and charges pie chart shows how well the plans are performing.

Fig 2.1 shows the graphical representation of new customers added

The left and right navigation buttons will show a quick snapshot of the customers, orders, invoices and payments. you can click on each of these tabs and overview the activities and also view details of everyone the items in each of the tabs. The view for these graphs can be changed from Monthly to a Daily view and viceversa

Fig 2.2 shows the snapshot view of different tabs

Fig 2.3 shows the Customer tab and its contents

Fig 2.4 shows the Plans tab

Fig 2.5 shows the Billing Cycles dropdown

Fig 2.6 shows the Commissions tab dropdown

Fig 2.7 shows the System tab dropdown