Parent/Child Relationships

If you have a 2 or more clients that need to be set up in a hierarchical structure i.e. with one client at a higher level(Parent) than the other (Child) you would use the Parent/Child feature.What we mean here by higher level, is that the Parent Company is the one that gets invoiced on behalf of all it's Child companies. Under this feature the Parent Company does not carry the Orders. The Orders are created with the Child Company.

How it is setup:

From the Child Company's Customer Account Summary page, click on the Summary and then the Edit button.
Choose the Parent Customer for Master Billing from the drop down list. Also here you can decide whether you would like the Child company to receive their individual invoices again by choosing an option of your preference from the drop down list. This option is set at a default of "No Emails" and click Update.Fig 1.a below

Fig 1.a Parent/Child relationships - Select Parent company

Next, create the Orders for the Child Customer.

How it works:

When the system goes through the Billing Run,  it generates invoices for all customers. The invoices of the child customers will then be rolled into a Master Invoice. This Master Invoice will be emailed out to the Parent Company for payment.

Fig 1.b Master Invoice

Key Points to remember