Accounting Scheduler

Accounting Scheduler:

For those of you that are using the Web Connector to export entries into Quickbooks either with the Full Synchronization Mode or the Summarized Journal Entry Mode, your life just got easier! We have an Accounting Scheduler that will automatically perform the Export of data on a schedule that works for you. Depending on your schedule,(daily,weekly etc) our system will reach out to the Web Connector and export all new entries that have been created in that time frame.

In order to set this up,go to "Billing Cycles>>Accounting/ERP Integration>>Integration Settings".
From the Edit Integration Settings page, enter the

Next Export Date with the date on which you would like the export to happen. 

Period Start Date is the date from which all new entries are exported.

Period Duration this could be days, weeks,months quarter or year. All new entries from Period Start Date to this duration will be exported. 

For e.g. Next Export Date is 01/07and the period start date 01/01 with a period duration of 1 week, all entries within the time frame of 01/01 - 01/07 (week) will be exported.(see fig below)