Payment Gateways and Processors

BluSynergy supports the following Payment Gateways / Payment Processors with the high-level features supported. 

The payment processor is configured using the [System >> Payment Processor Configuration] menu and the essential configuration fields are noted below. Note that depending on the selected processor, the field names may adapt (change) to reflect the nomenclature used by that processor.

The basic configuration:

Fig 1. Basic payment processor settings

Using the "Payment Processor" list box, select the processor that you have signed up with.

The Login and Password fields is assigned by your processor (the field names may change to reflect the nomenclature used by that processor - in the example above it is called "API Login Id" and "Transaction Key" by

Clicking on the "Show Advanced Options" shows more fields:

Fig 2. Advanced options for the payment processor configuration.

The generic setting are outlined below. Y = Required, N = No, P = Processor dependent

Click on the links below to review additional configuration settings for these payment processors.

Testing Your Payment Processor Configuration

When configuring a payment processor for the 1st time, we recommend the following test use cases. For the first pass, we recommend you test against the processor's staging/test environment and for the second round, we recommend testing against your processors' live/production environment using small amounts (eg. $1.00). This is a critical step since you will often find that transactions working fine in the test environment (such as tokenization, account updater, ACH etc.) are being declined in the production environment since separate enrollment is required.

The following test credit card numbers usually will work on your processor's staging environment. The expiration date must be set to a future date:

American Express Test Card 370000000000002
Visa Test Card 4111111111111111Second Visa Test Card 4012888818888
MasterCard 5454545454545454

Some processors/gateways use specific test cards for each card types and you may wish to test against all these card types

For testing ACH transactions, any valid Bank Routing Numbers will work, the Account Number may be made up. These are some test routing numbers used by some processors/gateways:


A full list of valid routing numbers may be found here:

The "Test Processor" is a dummy payment processor that may be used to simulate various results by sending various amounts and/or keywords in the payment description as noted below: