QuickBooks Online Integration with Blubilling

Configuration and Setup 

Decide between Summarized Journal Entry Mode (aggregate amounts, no customer level detail) OR the Full Synchronization Mode (individual transactions at the customer level)  and perform one-time setup activities.

Summarized Journal Entry Mode

If you opt to integrate at a journal entry mode, then click here for details. Recommended if you have a large number of customers (1,000 plus) or do not wish to duplicate effort by maintaining data in both a billing system (BluSynergy's BluBilling) as well as an accounting system (QuickBooks)

Full Synchronization Mode

If you prefer to export all transactions and have a full transactional level information in both systems. Recommended for clients with a small subscriber base (less than 1,000 customers) or for those wishing to maintain compatibility with existing systems and business processes. Click here...