Hosted Self-Service Pages

The Hosted Self-Service Pages allow you to embed the "My Account" functionality from BluBilling into your own website. This allows your customer to perform self-service activities such as view their account balances and status, current and past invoices, make payments, etc. All of these self-service screens are already built into BluBilling, and may be quickly deployed within a framed page on your own website so that you maintain brand presence with your customer by keeping her on your own website.

There are two approaches for deploying the BluSynergy Self-Service Portal inside your website:

The remainder of this document refers to the SSO option.

Step 1 - Initiate the Self-Service Page Request

In order to initiate the request, the following HTTP GET request must be initiated:

GET /rest/widget/start?params...

GET /rest/widget/start?format=xml&params...

The following query string parameters may be passed in the URL to control behavior. Note that you must first make a choice between either

Query String Parameters

The response is dependent on whether xml format was requested or not. 

Sample request (non-XML): Note that you must supply the username and password (using basic authentication over HTTPS) in the request. The user must have the ROLE_API security role.


(actual request after escaping will be of this form:)


we get a response similar to this (with content type "text/text"): 

Note: The link is valid for 30 minutes after which it expires.

Step 2 - Host a Page with an IFrame

Having got the response the hosting website can then create a web page with an iframe. The source for the iframe must be set to the url returned from Step 1 above.


   Conent for hosting website such as banner, menu, headers, etc goes here....


    <iframe frameborder="0" height="800" width="700" src=""/>



    Footer and other content from hosting website goes here...


This causes the browser to display the webpage with the iframe content. The picture below shows the sample login.

If you set ShowNavigationBar=true in the request then BluBilling will display the navigation bar

On the other hand, if you are set showNavigationBar=false and showStatements =true&showPayments=true in the querystring, then BluBilling won't show the navigation bar and you can control the "My Statements" and "My Payment" menus from outside the iFrame.

Some additional screen shots of the pages within the iframe are shown below.

Invoice Details:

Pay Now:



Add a Payment Method: