QuickBooks Web Connector Troubleshooting

First off, please make sure you are using the QuickBooks Web Connector correctly:

You should first queue the export/import operations in the BluSynergy application. Then, please follow these steps (using the QuickBooks WC application).

To enable verbose logging for QBWC, please refer to the instructions here:

This test site from Intuit offers a way to troubleshoot your Web Connector:


Select the "I use QuickBooks" button, then download the test QWC file from the above webpage and see if you can connect. If you can't, then the problem is with QuickBooks, and you need to contact Intuit support for resolution.

This list illustrates common errors that you may receive in the 'Last Connection' log when using Intuit® QuickBooks®.

NOTE: The QuickBooks Web Connector from Intuit is only available on the Windows® operating system.

Error: 0x80040414

A dialog box displays in the QuickBooks user interface. Your application cannot access QuickBooks until you dismiss the dialog box.

Solution: Open QuickBooks and close any dialog boxes or pop-up windows displayed in QuickBooks. QuickBooks itself should remain open.

Error: 0x80040416

If QuickBooks is not running, a call to the "BeginSession" method must include the name of the QuickBooks company data file.


Solution: Either open QuickBooks with the appropriate Company file, or configure QuickBooks to accept automatic logins from the BluSynergy Web Connector.

If you are trying to get the connector to update QuickBooks while it is not open, be aware that the possible causes of this problem can vary, please try the solutions indicated below in order until the problem is solved:

1. Within QuickBooks, login as the Admin user and switch to single user mode. Go to Edit-->Preferences-->Integrated Applications-->Company tab and delete the BluSynergy certificate reference there. Close all of those screens but remain in QuickBooks as the admin in single user mode and try to reconnect the BluSynergy connector.

2. If the QuickBooks data file does not reside locally on the same machine as the QuickBooks application. move the QB Web Connector to the same machine as the QuickBooks compnay file (i.e., ensure that QuickBooks is logging into it's database file locally and not through a mapped drive.) Using a mapped drive can cause issues.

3. Ensure that UAC (User Access Control) is enabled within Windows Vista or higher operating systems. At present, QuickBooks requires that it must be enable for it to work properly.

4. The location of the QuickBooks database may be in a directory that is not being shared properly and may not have full read/write permissions available. This can be tested out by moving the QuickBooks write file to a more standardized location and retesting the access.

Error: 0x80040420

The QuickBooks user has denied access.

    Solution: Configure QuickBooks to accept automatic logins from the BluSynergy Web Connector.

Error: 0x8004041A

This application does not have permission to access this QuickBooks company data file. The QuickBooks administrator can grant access permission through the Integrated Application preferences.

    Solution: Configure QuickBooks to accept automatic logins from the BluSynergy Web Connector.

Where is the location of the QuickBooks directories?

On Windows XP the Company File directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files" folder.

On Windows Vista the Company File directory is "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company Files”.