5.3 Generating Invoices for Usage activity

Invoices can be generated by running a manual billing run and automatically by the system. The invoices can be generated automatically by the system for a recurring plan and also when a usage is passed into the system or created manually. The following will explain how invoices can be generated using the Manual Billing Run.

Fig 16.0 shows the UI for Manual billing run

    2. Effective Run Date: This indicates when you want to run the Billing Run

    3. Billing Cycle Start Date: This indicates the start period from which you want the invoices to be generated

    4. Billing Cycle End Date: This indicates the end period till which the invoices need to be generated.

    5. Please tick the 'Process payments with auto-pay after generating invoices' if you want the payments to be         made from the card details stored against a customer profile.

    6. Choose the 'Plan' if you want the Invoices to be generated for Orders with a specific plan only.

    7. Click Start

    8. This will create invoices for all the usages created under usage activity (refer here for details)