Data Import

If you have existing customer and order data that needs to be inported into the BluBilling system, the following two data file import capabilities are available. Both file formats are CSV (comma separated variables) that are readily compatible with both spreadsheet applications (like Microsoft Excel) and various database systems.

Please contact BluSynergy customer support for sample files or for processing this data import.

Customer Import File Definition

The following fields are supported for import of customer data. Note that a customer may have up to 3 payment methods on file (for auto-pay), so this could be a combination of (say) 2 credit cards and 1 bank account. The total number of payment methods should not exceed 3. In the table below, the 

If tokenization is supported by your selected 3rd party payment processor and you have existing customers with tokenized payment methods on file, then use only the tokenization fields starting on No 72 below and not the credit card or ACH fields. For example if a customer had a single credit card that was tokenized by your payment processor, then populate the customer data (fields 1-26) and the 1st tokenization record (fields 72- 82).

Order Import File Definition

Once the Customer data has been imported, the Order data may be imported. The order associates a customer with one or more "Plans" so that Invoices may be generated at periodic intervals per the Plan specification. If a customer has multiple active orders, then a line item (row) is required for each order for this customer.

Note that the optional fields for the Order must have empty values (i.e., 2 adjacent commas) and the OrderLineItems start at field number 13. The three fields for the OrderLineItems (fields 13-15) may be repeated for each OrderLineItem.

Notes when working with Excel: