4) Billing Account configuration

Exporting Salesforce Accounts to BluSynergy

Once the BluSynergy Connector for Salesforce CRM is installed and configured correctly, a typical use case is a "prospect" (or "lead") becoming a paying customer (or "Account" in Salesforce nomenclature). From within Salesforce, the Lead is converted into an Account along with one or more "Contacts". At this point, this Account along with one specific Contact may be exported from Salesforce into BluSynergy. The Salesforce Account maps to a BluSynergy "Customer" and the Contact maps to the "Billing Contact".

The following requirements need to be satisfied:

If the above conditions are satisfied, then simply click the "Configure Billing Account" button on the Salesforce Account detail screen.

Fig 1. Exporting an Account to BluSynergy from Salesforce

At this point, you will be prompted to select the Billing Contact for the list of Contacts from this Account. Clicking the "Configure Billing Contact" will cause both the Account and Contact to be created in BluSynergy.

Fig 2. Export Salesforce Contact to BluSynergy

Automating Billing Account configuration:

    From version 1.93 of BluBilling application, there are two options added to Blusynergy tab (Configuration). These options will automate the configuration based on selected values.

    fig 3. Blusynergy Tab.

    There are two options for configuring a billing account to BluBilling. 



        Manual: Only when "Configure Billing Account" button is clicked on Account view page. Billing contact selection is not applicable if this option is selected.

        When Account and Contact are created: After an account and a contact are created, that account will be automatically exported.

        When Opportunity goes to closed won: Once any opportunity of a contact goes to closed won, account will be exported to blubilling.


          1st Contact created: First created contact will be selected as default billing contact

        Contact with BLUSYNERGY BILLING CONTACT checked: There is a checkbox for contact records named "Blusynergy Billing Contact", if this is set to true/checked, only that contact will be the billing contact

        Contact associated with Opportunity: Opportunity has Contact Role related list where we can asign a contact with a role of actions. one of those contacts will be selected as billing contact.

NOTE: If Customers are not exporting to BluBilling automatically, make sure to add ''logs'' and  "Configuration" objects read, create viewAll, ModifiAll permissions to the user profile. 

Use this link and follow instructions If you want to create a permissionSet. Assign above mentioned objects access(both read and write) in this new permissionSet. 

Accessing BluSynergy Billing and Payment Functions from Salesforce Account

Navigate to the Salesforce Account page, and click on the "Show Billing & Payments" button. 

    Fig 4. Show Billing and Payments in Salesforce

The billing and payment data will open with the familiar functionality and layout from the BluSynergy application. Note that the level of functionality that is available here is dependent on the configuration options in Step 4 of the configuration process).

    Fig 5. Billing and Payments Screen

Make a Payment for an Account

Either payment can be done from PAY NOW button on fig 5 or directly from MAKE A PAYMENT button from Account page.

    fig 6. Account view page with Make a Payment Button.

Payments can be done using already saved Payment Options of the Account or use a new Payment Method.

    fig 7. Payment screen

This screen has a list of all outstanding invoices of the Account. Only certain invoices can be paid by selecting them individually. 

Save Payment Information for auto-pay  will save this new Payment Option 

NOTE : An Account can not have more than three Payment options.

Once Payment is done, status screen will be shown with all payment details. 

    fig 8. Payment Result Screen

NOTE: This may take a few minutes to show fig 8 's Invoice and Account payment details in Salesforce. View the Invoice and Account after sometime to check updated payment details.