Reconfiguring Mapping between BluSynergy and SalesforceCRM

Note: This step is only necessary if you have an "Account" in Salesforce that links to the incorrect "Customer" in BluSynergy, typically as a result of an external data import from an external system during first-time setup/migration.

Steps to change the mapping between the SF Account and the BluSynergy Customer:

1. In Salesforce change the default page layout to show the "BluSynergy Customer ID" field.

This is usually hidden since it does not need to be editable by non-administrative users. You can get the field to be visible by editing the layout for the account page and dragging the field to the page as in the screenshots below.

Note: Depending on your organizations's security configuration, you may have to contact your salesforce administrator if you do not have authorization to edit the page layout.

Fig 1. Click the Edit Layout link (from any Account)

Then drag and drop the "BluSynergy Customer ID" field as seen below and Click the "Save" button on top

Fig 2. Locating the "BluSynergy Customer ID" field 

Fig 3. Saving the layout with the "BluSynergy Customer ID" field 

2. Find the Customer in BluSynergy 

Locate the correct Customer in BluSynergy that corresponds to the correct Account in Salesforce CRM and note the correct identifiers as seen in Fig 4.

Fig 4. Noting the identifiers for the correct customer

3. Update the identifiers in Salesforce

Finally, update the identifiers as seen in Fig 5.

Fig 5. Updating the identifiers in Salesforce with the correct customer values

4. Update the identifiers in BluSynergy

Edit the customer in BluSynergy (by clicking on the green "Edit" button to the right of "BRAD01" in Fig 4.) and scroll down to the "CRM Account ID" field. This should correspond to the Salesforce ID for the Account. The Salesforce ID may be obtained from the URL in Fig. 5 above or by running a report that shows this column. See the Notes section below for information on Salesforce's use of 15 digit vs 18 digit IDs.

 Fig 6. Updating the identifiers in BluSynergy with the correct Salesforce Account ID

Once this is done you can click on the link to resynchronize the information between BluSynergy and Salesforce as seen below.

 Fig 7.  Resynchronize the information between BluSynergy and Salesforce 

5. Remove the changes to the default page layout in Step 1

After all the updates are complete, you may reverse the changes to the account page layout (from Step 1). Click the link as in Fig. 1 and then drag the "BluSynergy Customer ID" field from the page back to the top. Click Save.


Salesforce sometimes uses 15 digit IDs while the new APIs require the use of 18 digit IDs. See this article below on the lenght of the ID

This developer forum has information on converting 15 digit IDs to 18 digits: