2. Customer


This explains required setup and configuration needed to create, add or delete a customer

2.1 Creating a new Customer: This shows the step by step procedure to create a customer

2.2 Upload new customers: This shows how to upload new customers using the csv upload feature

2.3 Editing Customers: This shows how to edit a customer

2.4 Customer Groups: This shows how to create customer groups or add a customer to a group

2.5 Automatic payments : This shows how payments are deducted from a customer's account

2.6 Customer Cancellation: This shows how to cancel a customer

2.7 Reports: This shows the customer report and how to extract a customer report

2.8 Other topics

2.81 Create customer custom fields (if any): This shows how to create customer custom fields

2.82 Adjusting customer balance: This shows how to manually adjust a customer's account  balance in the system