Uninstalling the BluSynergy Connector for Salesforce

To uninstall the connector, follow this sequence of steps:

Step 1. Remove Custom Page Layouts

From the setup, go to Accounts -> Page Layout and click on the “Page Layout Assignment” button

Fig 1. Revert Page Layouts

Click on the Profiles that are using the “BluSynergy Layout” and revert back to “Account Layout” and click “save”.

Fig 2. Revert Profiles using the BluSynergy Layout

Now go to “Buttons, Links and Actions” under Accounts, and then click “Edit”on the “Account Detail” line.

Fig 3. Revert Views

Then navigate to “Installed Packages” and click the uninstall link next to the “BluSynergy” package.

Fig 4. Uninstalling the package after removing dependencies.