October 2013

We have been hard at work here at Blu, developing new Reports based on our Customer feedback and improving the functionality of our existing ones. The enhancements are in the sorting, multi-select drop down menu, data download and speed of report generation areas.We also have a slew of brand new reports, the Monthly and Daily Invoice Graphs, the Usage Activity Report, the Payment Summary graph are a few.  

Enhancements to the Refund function allows you the flexibility to decide how you would like to treat the Refund. Couple of scenarios you might have to contend with in your business

1.When you want to refund money back to the customer credit card and leave his invoice as paid

2. When you want to refund money to the customer's credit card and change the invoice status from paid to outstanding. 

With this enhancement release for Invoice Templates you have the flexibilty to control the format of the invoice in terms of how detailed or streamlined you would like the invoice to be. Batch printing for mass mailing with remittance slips is another big one. Also now your custom templates will flow through to your SalesForce account.


With the new enhancements, you can view your custom invoice formats from within SalesForce. Outstanding Balance and Customer Status can now be synchronized in SalesForce by having BluSynergy export that information in real time.This would allow you to use salesforce's reporting capabilities on these fields.
Please contact support@blusynergy.com if you wish to upgrade your salesforce connector.

For enterprises performing metered billing (e.g., billing for storage or bandwidth), there is now a new API that permits you to send large volumes of data in a traditional CSV file. While we've always had a REST based XML API for sending individual or batch data, this new enhancement provides clients with large data volumes a more efficient mechanism for transmitting millions of records. Everything from mainframes to database export utilities handle the ubiquitous CSV file format and the new file API permits you to send large files and retrieve a response file that shows the status of each record in the file. The File API also allows you to update previously inserted records.

Event Notifications

With this new enhancement our system will send out a "System Event Log" via email to the Billing Admin. The system log email will give you an overview of all the events the system has processed during the nightly Billing Run.
Information regarding payments(successful or failed), failed emails,Billing runs,file uploads etc will be logged and sent via email to you.The email is restricted to a maximum of 100 events, you can also log in (Billing Administrator credential required) to System>>System Events to view the same information.