3.2 Edit Order

A customer that wishes to change their existing plan to another plan (perhaps an upgrade/downgrade) is a common scenario. In order to switch a customer to another plan, you will first have to end the plan that the customer is currently subscribed to and then select another plan for the customer. This feature ensures that an invoice accurately ties back to the original order from which it was generated and guarantees financial accuracy and integrity.

Note that the “Edit Order” applies only to Orders that have already been activated (i.e., have already generated invoices). If this is a new order that has not yet generated any invoice, then the Order may be directly edited and saved.

To Edit an Order:

Fig 14.0 shows how to edit the order

4. The "Edit Order" page will be displayed where you can

5. There is a difference between editing an order before generating an invoice for it and editing an order for which an invoice is generated. Some fields like start and end date will be blocked if an invoice is generated for an Order.

6. The customer will be billed for the new plan starting on the date specified in the "Plan Start Date" field.