2.3 Editing Customers

The Edit Customer Details page enables you to edit a customer's account information, add a secondary contact to the customer account like a sales contact, edit customer preferences, and set up/edit payment options. Additionally, you can perform customer management related actions like suspending a customer, reactivating a customer, deleting a customer, etc from this page.

Fig 9.1 shows the search bar that can be used to search customers, orders, invoices and payments

Search for and locate the customer whose account you want to edit. The Edit Customer Details page for that customer is displayed.

Editing a Customer’s Billing Contact Information

The information that you enter while creating a contact will be added as the billing contact for the customer. The address, email addresses, and contact telephone numbers will be used for all billing related activities i.e. sending invoices, etc.

To Edit the Customer's Billing Contact Information:

Fig 9.2 shows how to edit the customer billing contact

2. Make changes to the information as required and click on the "SAVE" button to save changes.

Editing a Customer’s Sales Contact Information

Fig 9.3 shows how to edit the sales contact information

2. Add Sales contact information or make changes to the information as required and click on the "SAVE" or “CREATE”       button to save changes.

Fig 9.4 shows the sales contact edit page

Editing Customer Preferences

Fig 9.5 shows how to edit the Summary section

2. The Edit Customer Preferences like Company name, Add Customer groups, Notification preferences,                    Commissionable     Sales Agents..etc is displayed. Make changes to the preferences as required and click on the               "UPDATE" button to save    changes.

Editing Payment Options

The Payment Options section on the Customer Details page is where you can set up the payment methods for the customer. In this section you can add payment methods under "1st preference", "2nd preference", "3rd preference". The payment methods will be used in the preference order listed here. The payment option will be used for the customer's charges if the "Automatic Payments" option is enabled. If the amount cannot be deducted from the 1st preference payment method, the second payment method will be used and so on.

Fig 9.6 shows how to edit Payment Options

    2. The Add/Replace/Delete Payment Option page will be displayed. Add or Edit the payment information and click on              the "Create" or "Replace" button to save payment method information.

Editing Payment Plans

Fig 9.7 shows the Payment Plan tab

This option will help your customer to clear the amounts by mentioning the installment amount and in how many installments you would like your customer to clear the pending amount. This installment can be setup as per number of months, days, weeks..etc

Fig 9.8 shows how to add a payment plan