Invoice Templates

With this new release of Invoice Templates 

You will have the flexibility to control the format of your invoices. You could choose to go as Detailed (Plans,Charges and Usage Activity shown on invoice) or as Streamlined as you like, where the Plan headings are suppressed and only the Charges and Usage Activity is shown.

Zero Amount charges can be hidden, you can sort amounts in descending order, show or hide payments received, show summary of outstanding invoices. 

Batch Printing-If your business does mass mailing of invoices via postal mail, we have the ability to print only the dynamic fields so that you can use your preprinted stock invoice forms. This version has a credit card remittance slip and can also print previous payments and unpaid invoices.

Custom Invoices developed for you in Blu will carry through to your Salesforce account for a smoother transition.

All these options can be accessed from Systems>>InvoiceTemplates and can be turned on/off with a simple check at no extra cost to you.