1.23 High Volume Emails and Enhanced Email Reporting

Organizations sending a high volume of emails may wish to consider using BluSynergy's Enhanced Email Services, typically for the following reasons:

Basics of Enhanced Email Services

BluSynergy contracts with a reputed 3rd party email service provider and routes all your emails though this provider's email gateway (instead of sending it to your SMTP email service). Similar to techniques employed by mass marketing email services, this provider will send the emails on your behalf and your customers will still see that the email came from you (e.g., accounting@yourcompany.com) . The 3rd party email service provider adds a tracking pixel to the outbound emails and collects data such as opened emails, bounces (e.g. mailbox full), clicks, etc. 

The integration between BluSynergy  and the mail service provider ensures that this reporting data is pulled back and associated with each invoice/customer, so that all data is available for reporting.

How to set up Enhanced Email Services

Contact support@blusynergy.com or your account rep to discuss pricing and have this feature turned on (pricing varies by email volume). 

Once they configure your organization's account, one of two options are available for you to authorize the 3rd party email provider to send emails on your behalf: