2.1 Create a Customer (detailed)

Customer is the entity for which Invoices are generated and from whom Payments are received. Managing customers by Creating new customers and editing existing customers is straightforward.

The Customer here is a company and the Contact is the person within the company.

Guide to create a Customer

Fig 11.0 shows the navigation to create customers

Fig 11.0 shows the customer creation form

Fig 11.1 shows the Address details

Fig 11.2 shows the Advanced Options details

Note: Not all the fields are mandatory. A customer can be created just by entering only the compulsory fields.

Fig 11.5 shows the customer created form

Fig 11.6 shows the Summary tab

2. Billing Contact: This tab shows the details like the Company Name that the customer belongs to, the customer name,     email id, customer address and the Customer Username.

Fig 11.7 shows the Billing Contact

3. Sales Contact: This tab shows the details of the Sales Agents that this customer is attached to. Please refer the docs       on Sales Agents.

Fig 11.8 shows the Sales Contact

4. Settings: This tab shows the details like the CC List, BCC List, the Notification Preference of the customer and Email              Format the customer has chosen. Here Account Name and CHL Licence No are customer custom fields

Fig 11.9 shows the Settings tab

These custom fields can be set up by navigating to System>>Customer care>>Customer Settings and entering the names of the field required and their description which acts as a tool tip when hovered over the field. You can have upto 10 custom fields for every customer.

Fig 11.10 shows the Customer Custom fields

5. Payment Options: This tab is used to save your credit card or bank information for automatic payment processing. For security reasons, you cannot view this information once you save it. You can only delete or update this information

Fig 11.11 shows the Payment options

6. Payment Plan: This option is used when your Customer has a big amount that needs to be cleared before raising any further invoices for them.

Fig 11.12 shows the Payment Plan tab

This option will help your customer to clear the amounts by mentioning the installment amount and in how many installments you would like your customer to clear the pending amount. This installment can be setup as per number of months, days, weeks..etc

Fig 11.13 shows the installment options for Payment Plans