Auto-pay invoice ahead of due date

This feature is handy when you already have a customer's credit card on file and would like to charge the credit card, "x" number of days after the Invoice Date, without waiting for the Due Date

Situation: Invoice goes out to customer today, the customer has 30 days to pay off his invoice.

 Here, you have 2 options either you wait the 30 days to process the payment (if this is your choice, you may as well stop reading, this feature does not apply to you) or

you would like to process the payment immediately or after a set number of days.

Now remember, if the auto pay feature is enabled and you have set it to 2 days, ALL customers that have a credit card on file will be charged 2 days after their invoice date. This feature applies to ALL customers.

This cool feature can be accessed from [System>>Payment Configuration] scroll to bottom of page.

If you do not wish to avail of this feature at this time, set to" -1"
If you wish to process payment immediately after invoices are generated/approved, set to "0"
If you wish to process payment after, say, 10 days, you would set it to "10".