Charge and Pricing Types

A Plan is composed of one or more Charges that control the billing frequency, amount, etc. The Charges will be a combination of the Charge Type and Pricing Type.

Fig 1.a shows how to Create a Charge

Charge Type

The Charge Type indicated how a particular plan needs to be charged be it One Time, Recurring, Usage Based..etc. Let us now review your options

Example: Video Unlimited Plan is Charged at $99 per month. This can be further billed in many different ways using the system.


From the example, if 2 was the number entered in the field then your customer can be billed $99 every 2 Days or 2 Weeks or 2 Months or 2 Quarters or 2 Years.

   6.   Auto Recharge: This indicates that the customer will be charges based on external usage activity with free units.

For example, if your customer has some free videos that can be viewed, it can be mentioned in the Initial Units and chargeable units can be mentioned in Units per Billing Period.

Pricing Type

The Pricing Type indicates how a product can be priced. The pricing can depend based on the number of units, based on the tier..etc using the below configuration.