6) Create Invoice in Salesforce

Create an Invoice from Salesforce using individual products without creating an Order. Pay the bill and download the Invoice.

1) Open an Account and click on "Create Invoice" button. 

    fig 1.Account view page

2) Select a PriceBook to get respective Products. Select the Products and Click SAVE.

       fig 2. Create New Invoice 

3) Click on "Download" button on this invoice view page to get PDF of this invoice copy. Click On "Pay Now" button to pay outstanding Invoices directly from Salesforce.

    fig 3. Invoice View Page

4) Clicking on PAY NOW button on invoice page will open the payment page. You can choose different payment methods and Pay the invoice amount.

    fig 4. Invoice Payment Screen

5) Either Select saved Payment Option or pay using a new Method. Once the process is done, result screen will be shown in the next step with full payment details and status.

    fig 5.Payment Result Screen

NOTE : Above shown payment details will take some time to reflect on Invoice and Account. Refresh/Revisit Invoice and Account after some time to check Updated details.