Control Invoice behavior when payments are Applied:

You can now control the behavior of Invoices when payments are applied:

Dynamic Mode :

   Invoice Balance will be adjusted immediately to reflect Payments Applied.  

Static Mode:

  Previous balances and payments are not reflected on the invoice.


Batch Mode:

   Payments made in the previous billing cycle are carried forward in a single batch to the following billing cycle.





 2. On 8/10/2012, the customer makes a partial payment of $75.

3. On 8/10/2012, immediately after the payment is received, following are the various invoice #1033 scenario’s that you might see according to the mode you have opted for:


4. On 9/5/2012, when the next cycle runs invoice #1034 is generated, following is what you would see based on your selected mode:

To choose or change your selected Invoice mode:

    -Click on the System tab.

    -Select Billing configuration

    -In the Edit Billing Configuration screen, select the radio of your choice

Please Note: If you are changing your existing invoice mode, please inform so that we can make sure your reports reflect this change.