Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will help you to quickly understand the system and its basic functionalities. You can create few sample plans and charges, create a customer, create an order and invoice and send notifications.

1. Overview : This will give you a basic overview of the system and how it will help you streamline your billing process. 

2. System Navigation : This will explain all the basic navigational aspects of the system

3. Plans & Charges : This section will explain how to create a Plan & Charge for your products 

4. Customer Notifications : This will explain how to setup your notifications to be sent for your customers   

5. Invoices : This section will explain how the invoices are created from the system 

6. Self Service Portal : This section will help you configure the system for customer login, self service settings, payment options..etc

7. Customers and Orders : This section will explain how to create a customer and generate order for the same. 

8. Payments : This section will explain the various payment options and how to accept payments from the customer