1.2 Setting up Emails and Notifications

Notifications are sent to your customers when business events occur (such as a new Invoice or Payment).
Customize the messages for each 'Notification Type' by first selecting from the list below.

Fig 2.1 shows the notification types

3. Now check the box and “Enable this notification”

Fig 2.2 shows how to enable a notification

4. When you choose a notification from the dropdown, the Email Subject will get updated automatically.

Fig 2.3 shows the Email Subject

5. This Email Subject can be overridden to say anything as per your requirement

6. Please note that none of the values within the variables can be changed. For eg in the above fig the Email Subject says “New Invoice Available - #organization.orgName#” where #organization.orgName# cannot be changed.

7. The email message will have a default content as below

Fig 2.4 shows the email content of a notification

8. The look and feel can be changed by accessing the source code as below

Fig 2.5 shows how to access the source code of a notification

9. The email message will contain many variables and only the variables in the variable list can be used.

10. These variables can be accessed by clicking on ‘Show Variables’ as below

Fig 2.6 shows the variables list

11. If you notice, only the variables used in the notifications are described in the variables list above.

12. Once the notifications are saved, please hit SAVE