Developer's Guide

Please see the subpages by clicking on the items to your left for various task-based API integration scenarios.

The BluSynergy applications offer 3 forms of integration that make it easy and quick to integrate billing and payments functions with your systems. You may choose any or all of the technologies.

Inbound REST APIs - these are API's initiated by your systems and may be used to manage Customers, Orders, Invoices, and Payments.

Outbound Website Callbacks - (also known as  "Webhooks" or "Outbound Push Notifications") are initiated by the BluSynergy systems when business events occur inside it. These are typically used to when your applications need to be notified when various billing or payments related events occur.

IFrame Integration - this is when you wish to simply embed BluSynergy application functionality inside your own website/application by using iframes available in all modern web browsers. This simplifies you from the burden of implementing a multitude of API calls and get business ready functionality, especially for customer self-service type functionality. You can match the branding of the embedded self-service portal by using CSS.

Shopping Cart and "Buy Now" buttons - this form of integration is when you want to enroll new customers into a subscription. Typically used when your subscription model is simple enough that your end customer can self-signup from your website. This can be used independently or is often used in  conjunction with the Outbound Website Callbacks.