Release Notes

Version 1.59


1. On Opportunity Detail Page, when "Convert To Order" button is clicked, it checks whether the Opportunity,

a) already has orders and shows warning message to user (User may proceed anyway to create order).

b) has at least one Individual Product or Subscription Plan (User has to return back to Opportunity to create Individual Product/Subscription Plan).

2. In the final step of creating order, the page displays all the Subscription Plans and Individual Products associated with that opportunity. The respective checkboxes are checked only if that product/plan is not in any of the order associated with that opportunity.

3. On the Opportunity screen, the "Convert To Order" and "Convert To Order and Generate Invoice" choices have been moved to the next screen

4. User has the option to choose PriceBook from the Lookup while creating the Opportunity.

5. Opportunity has two related lists to display Individual Products and Subscription Plans.

6. Introduced new button "Sync Individually" on BluSynergy Details Page (BluSynergy Tab) which opens a new Custom Page.

7. In the new Custom page, user has the option to Sync PriceBooks/Subscription Plans individually.