How to Add a New Payment Method and Payment Type

4. To make a payment method inactive, click the Payment Method drop-down arrow and select Make Inactive.
    The payment method will no longer appear in the Payment Method drop-down list

5. Select or click to clear the Include inactive check box as appropriate.

You can also create a new payment method from the Receive Payments window or from the Enter Sales Receipts window.

You have to create these payment types in QuickBooks Desktop in order to synchronize payments from Blubilling to QuickBooks Desktop.

If you want to map Credit with a different type in QuickBooks Desktop (for example: Map Credit created in Blubilling with Referral Credit in QuickBooks Desktop) then follow these steps


The payments exported from BluSynergy to QuickBooks Desktop may be directed to Undeposited Funds (rather than say the Checking Account) by setting this option:

Go to [Edit > Preferences > Payments > Company Preferences Tab] and check the box that says “Use Undeposited Funds as default deposit to account.”